What I Do


Anxiety & Stress

You may be feeling overwhelmed, distressed, emotionally distraught and perhaps at a point you feel you cannot function normally as you are used to.  Maybe you are suffering bouts of anger or panic and are having difficulty controlling your behaviour. Anxiety and stress are normal responses to challenging situations.

Counselling involving Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques, as well as exploring the causes, can help.

You might be feeling deep sadness, loneliness and a lack of motivation to keep going, and / or a growing lack of confidence.

If this is the case, counselling can help you to:

  • Feel calmer and feel understood
  • Identify your anxiety triggers
  • Better understand what causes and maintains your anxiety or depression
  • Recognise and overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and mental barriers
  • Improve your ability to manage stress through healthy coping strategies such as mindfulness, meditation & activities you enjoy
  • Increase your confidence and your courage to set boundaries or express needs



If you are depressed you may be feeling hopeless and that you have no control over your life or future and you cannot see a way through.

You may lack the energy and motivation to get through each day & often feel emotional and irritable. Ultimately you are not able to function normally.

Depression is often the result of a combination of long term difficulties such as job loss, family problems and uncaring relationships, or may relate to a trauma in earlier life. Depression can also be a genetic illness.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for depression as well as a person centred approach may help alleviate symptoms as well as understanding the causes and what is keeping you stuck.

Through therapy you can also learn which behaviours and thoughts maintain the depression and strategies to change these.

Couple & Relationship Counselling

Everyone experiences relationship difficulties at times and these difficulties can profoundly affect your sense of self and well being.

You may be looking for help in the short term to deal with a current relationship crises or problem or you may be experiencing loneliness.

Exploring your attachment style may help in understanding how your relationship patterns were formed in your early relationships.

We work with different relationship counselling approaches including the Gottman approach and family systems theory.

Family systems theory looks at each partner’s family of origin and how previous family history impacts current behaviour in a relationship.

How counselling can help:

  • Insights & tools for creating better relationships
  • Explore how your family of origin is influencing your relationship patterns
  • Understand how to reduce conflict
  • Manage differences in culture and values

    Career Counselling & Life Transition

    You may feel that you are at a turning point in your life and you are anxious about what the future holds.

    Maybe you are experiencing a change or would like a change in your lifestyle, relationship or career.

    Stressful life transitions include:

    • Separation or divorce
    • Redundancy, unemployment, financial stress
    • Changes in family structure, parenting
    • Moving to a new location or job
    • Desire for a career change or way to make a living
    • Sudden or chronic illness
    • Dealing with the death of a loved one

    Managing any of the above life transitions is usually stressful, often fearful and may bring up emotions from previous experiences.

    Seeing a therapist during a Life Transition may bring you an opportunity to evolve and grow, while you explore your fears and desires for the future and look at your identity in new ways.

    You often discover strengths and resilience that you didn’t know you had.

    Career counselling

    A career counselling session will include identifying your strengths, goals, values and personality type in order to help guide you in the right direction.

    Using the Myers Briggs Indicator assessment for personality types we can help to guide you into the career path most suited to your personality type, skills, strengths and values.


    • Gain clarity around your goals
    • Overcome mental barriers to change
    • Identify your personality type and the kind of work you are suited to
    • Identify your skills, strengths and values
    • Assistance with finding employment and resumes

        Dream Analysis

        It is in my experience that the power of dreams, once understood, can change the course of a life.

        Using my training in Jungian based dream analysis and Dream Interviewing I can help you to unlock the meanings in your dreams so that important insights are revealed to you.

        These insights are designed to help you; whether it is to find the answers to your problems, uncover your life purpose, tap into your creativity or reveal the obstacles and issues within you which are preventing you living life to your full potential.

        I use a practical technique for dream interpretation using a dream interview method, so that you can:

        •         Understand what your dreams are trying to tell you
        •         Learn how your dreams can help you solve your problems
        •         Learn about symbols in dreams and their personal meanings
        •         How to recall dreams and target dreams to solve particular problems

          For emergencies call 000 or visit your nearest hospital.

          We can work together face to face in my Glebe studio or via Zoom