Water, and the way we move through it, usually symbolises emotion in dreams.

When you want to know what your water dream means, focus on the state of the water. Is it a river, an ocean, a swamp or a puddle? This will give you insight into the state of the emotions you are associating with.

Are you swimming calmly and confidently through a swimming pool, confidently in touch with your emotions, or are you afraid to jump into the water, perhaps representing your fear of expressing negative emotion?

Is the water calm and contained or turbulent and out of control?

Floods and tidal waves frequently represent overwhelming emotional issues.

Could your water dream be telling you about your current relationships, reflecting emotions that you find hard to express or perhaps instead express feelings of joy and love?

Dreams speak in metaphors and what the water metaphor means to you is, I believe, uniquely personal to you and your life experience. Your Dream needs to be interpreted only by yourself by exploring your own associations.

Below is an example of a Dream presented by one of my clients which centred around a boat and lack of water to sail on. This is how she described her dream:

In this dream, I had gone out to lunch with some friends and they wanted a lift home when I realised that I had lost my transport in the form of a boat, which was attached to my car.  I did not feel capable and confident enough to take the boat home. I was worried, for example, that the boat might detach itself from the car. While looking for my car, we stopped at a pub and there were a lot of people dancing and performing and it seemed to me a very successful venue.

One of my friends found the boat now and brought it to the venue.

Someone suggested I take the boat up the road ahead and sail it home but when I looked ahead there was just muddy pools of rainwater on the road, no real water to sail it on.

In the last stage of the dream, a friend came up and told me that two of my employees who had worked for us for years, had taken the boat home and it had arrived back at my café safely. These employees were very dedicated and loyal to our business and wanted to help. When I went back to the café the boat had been renovated.

We linked the boat to this Dreamer’s waking life and she linked the association between the boat and her café which she had started with her husband. She was anxious because she had recently separated from her husband and had a young child and felt unable to run the café any longer, which was running into financial difficulty. She did not feel completely confident to run the café by herself and in her words “pull it off”.

Her café, like the old boat, needed a lot of repair to keep going and financial resources to draw on. On another level, she needed to “steer’ it forward safely and successfully.

The employees who drove the boat home in the end represented her 2 loyal employees who were capable of “driving” her café and making it a success if only she could trust them to take the reigns and do so.

On reflection she realised that the dream is telling her she doesn’t need to manage it alone and that there were people already working there who loved the café and wanted to make a success of it.

A boat will often symbolise the way you move through life and may also symbolise a quest for personal advancement. In this case the boat is being driven by road rather than on water, symbolising for this dreamer that she is using her head more than her heart (water symbolising emotion) when directing her life. In exploring associations to her waking life, the Dreamer also connected the Muddy water that she cannot sail on, to the murky emotions in her current relationship where she feels stuck and unable to move forward.

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