Anxiety is a normal response to a stressful situation. It is a feeling of fear about the future. Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a persistent state of fear and worry.

There are several strategies that you can use to help alleviate stress and anxiety including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, adopting a healthy lifestyle, identifying & managing the stressors and practising Meditation.

By meditating we will start to relax and feel calmer because we change our brainwave state from Beta, the hyper active brainwave state, to Alpha, the relaxed brainwave state, or in deeper mediation to Theta state which is also the brainwave state we dream in. During meditation our heart rate and blood pressure are decreased and some studies show that it can make positive changes to our brains. A study from UCLA found that long term meditators improved their ability to process information evidenced by the larger amount of gyrification in the brain.

During meditation we can also become aware of our anxiety inducing thoughts , observe them and let them go. We can identify what thoughts are irrational and what are not.

Deeper meditation using guided imagery can help you to solve problems, release anger or hurt, increase self worth and tap into your creativity.

One guided meditation that I recommend is the Peaceful Place series created by Sandy MacGregor.

This guided meditation uses baroque music and guides the listener to build a peaceful place in their mind using all of the senses. This peaceful place is wherever you choose it to be, whether a beach, a mountain, forest, lake or garden.

The meditation process for deeper meditation which takes you to the Theta state is a longer meditation which involves guided imagery in the form of colours. This process begins with the peaceful place imagery and takes you through the colours of the rainbow from red to purple and ending in a colourless bright light.

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