For many people the recent isolation period has been a period of reflection, re-evaluation or realisation and this includes around career and work.

For those people who have lost their jobs support is needed not only around feelings of anxiety and uncertainty but also help with looking for work.

If you are feeling stuck in your current job and no longer fulfilled but don’t know what the next steps are, a self-assessment of your transferable skills, skills and interests you would like to use and your values might help you find direction.

In a career counselling session we would do several assessments together to identify which careers and environments you would most enjoy & succeed at:

  • What you can do – your transferable skills & experience
  • What you like to do – the skills, expertise and interests you most enjoy using
  • The people you would like to work with or help
  • The environment you prefer to work in
  • Match your personality type to potential careers

The easier path to career change is to either change your job role but not your industry or to change your industry but not your job role. The more difficult path is to change everything in one go.

Your existing skills & experience could be used in another industry or you might combine your favourite interests in one job. For example, using your hospitality skills & fashion interest to run fashion events, your real estate experience & photography interest to photograph houses, or combine Writing + Sports or Marketing + Acting to create a new job.

The personality assessment will tell you which of the 16 personality types you most match and which careers will suit you. For example, an “ENFP” is likely to prefer doing meaningful, varied work with people in an environment that is relaxed and free whereas an “ISTJ” prefers practical, realistic work involving information and detail in an environment where he or she can work alone.

Investing time in a self-assessment activity before you decide which jobs to apply for is important because investing time in yourself to find out what you want and need will lead to future career fulfilment.

To start a conversation about changing your career, book a complimentary 20 Minute chat.