I strongly believe that if and when you are ready and open to receiving dream messages and remembering your dreams, you will remember them.

The more I started to study dreams and write about my dreams, the more I started to remember them. I believe the same will be true for you.

Believe it or not everyone dreams vividly at least 3 -6 times a night. Dreaming occurs during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle of sleep, when your brain is more active.

The problem is that most of us forget many of the details of our dreams or forget the entire dream experience.

If you would like to start remembering your dreams, there are a few easy things you can do:

  1. Tell yourself that you CAN remember your dreams and before you go to bed give your mind the instruction “I will remember my dream”

If you have a specific problem or question that you wish to solve in your dream, tell yourself: “I will solve this problem X in my dream and I will remember it when I wake up”

  1. Place a Dream Diary beside your bed and write the date in it. Set an intention to write notes in it about your dream when you wake up.

It can be helpful to write some notes about your day in your diary before you go to sleep. These might help you link the dream to waking life or to dream on the issue.

  1. Avoid using an alarm clock and train your body to wake you, so that you don’t wake up suddenly. When you wake, keep your eyes closed and remain still and recall all memories of your dream.
  2. Immediately write down anything you can recall. Even if you can only remember a tiny fragment of your dream, write it down. It may help link to other details later. Write down any images, scenes, people and feelings in your dream , into your diary.

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