Some people believe that dreams are just the repetition, release or ‘dumping’ of all the thoughts we had during the day or are just random thoughts and images from memories.

However in my study of dreams I have discovered that dreams are indeed meaningful and support our psychological development by telling us things we don’t yet know about ourselves but which we are now ready to find out. My dreamwork follows the theory of Carl Jung that dreams inform us about ignored or denied parts of ourselves and by doing so help us grow, heal and develop.

I believe our dreams may also review what we learned recently and provide us with new perspectives and solutions to current problems.

In order to understand our dreams we need to learn the language of Dreams, which consist of visual images, metaphors and symbols.

In order to help others unlock the meanings of these symbols I use the Dream Interview method developed by Dr Gayle Delaney which focusses on the uniquely personal meanings and associations of the Dreamer. I don’t believe in Dream Dictionaries which are objective. If you want help in understanding a dream, I will interview you so that you and only you can interpret your own dream.

The Dream Interview starts with a description of the feelings, settings, people, objects and actions in a Dream and then enquiries about what they remind you of, i.e. as associations and ‘bridges’, in waking life.

For example, let’s say you dream about a famous person. One of the questions I would be asking you is “Who is (X)?” and “What is he/ she like?” and so on, pretending I am an alien who has no idea who this person is! I would then repeat that description and generate a “Bridge” that links this description to someone, something or an aspect of yourself in waking life.

My journey with dreams began a long time ago and I found that the more I studied the meanings of dreams, the more I started to remember them. As my study intensified I found myself having more complex dreams including dreams that took me back to my childhood to resolve issues from my past and also prophetic dreams that warned me of imminent events.

I believe every dream has something to teach you and there’s much fulfillment to be gained from the understanding and clarity that your dreams can give you.

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