1. Take time to heal from loss

If you have suffered loss or heartbreak, take time to process the negative emotions and reflect on any learnings

  1. Know your own worth

When you can confidently say “I’m OK” and you know your own worth and when you don’t need completing, you are ready for an equal partnership

  1. Don’t lower your standards

Be discerning and know what you want from a relationship.

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who likes themself and has high standards. At the same time be open to possibilities.

  1. Nurture yourself and invest time on your own goals.

Invest in yourself first and that means focussing on what is important to you and working towards your goals. Learn to be independent. Become the person you would want to be with and you will find your match.

  1. Let go of that myth that love alone will make any relationship work.

As well as love you also need compatibility and commitment

  1. Learn from your past relationships and understand any negative patterns

When you understand why you made the choices you made in the past and what patterns you ended up repeating, you will be free to make new and better choices and adopt healthier relationship patterns.

Your choices were based on beliefs about yourself and others and on your life experiences and it is useful to explore these before you start a new relationship.

  1. Learn to compromise

Successful relationships depend on each partner being able to give and take, value each other’s differences and be able to compromise so practising this with family and friends in the meantime will prepare you for a healthy long term relationship

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